Why Should I Buy Dinnerware and Tableware From Yoopins?

We strive to offer superior quality celadon-glazed porcelain dinnerware at an affordable price, crafted by honoring the traditional techniques.

Our celadon-glazed tableware is crafted from premium quality celadon-glazed porcelain for long-lasting elegance. Our true porcelain is crafted with high quality kaolin sourced from Jingdezhen, China. The soft blue-green shade and smooth non-porous surface are achieved naturally by firing premium celadon-glazed porcelain in reducing kilns at precisely-controlled high temperatures, with no artificial color added.

Our products are lead-free and food-safe. Their durability, artistry, and high quality make them the perfect choice for both everyday use and entertaining guests on special occasions. Our mission is to bring the centuries-old artistry of authentic celadon-glazed porcelain to daily life.

What Is Celadon Glaze?

Famous for its beautiful color and super smooth surface, celadon glaze is a semi-transparent glaze, soft blue-green in color, achieved naturally by applying an iron-rich liquefied clay 'slip' to porcelain or ceramic, then firing at a high temperature in a reducing kiln. No artificial color is added during the process of achieving authentic celadon glaze.

The kiln temperature usually ranges from 1260 °C to 1350 °C (2300 °F to 2462 °F). The color of celadon glaze may vary from soft blue-green to light jade green.  

First made in China, celadon glaze was exported to India, Persia, and Egypt during the Tang dynasty (618–907), to most of Asia during the Song (960–1279) and Ming  (1368–1644) Dynasties, and to Europe in the 14th century. Celadon is now widely enjoyed in Japan, Korea, China, Europe, and the US.

Celadon glazes are typically employed on porcelain, ceramic, or stoneware. Celadon-glazed porcelain, ceramics or stoneware are sometimes referred as 'celadon ware' or 'green ware'.

What Makes Celadon Glaze Special?

Celadon glaze is held in very high regard due to its demand for superb quality materials to produce pure colors, and due to the demands of the complex production process.

Celadon glaze is popular because of its unique color and smooth-as-jade surface. Its blue-green hues exude a quiet luminescence, a captivating beauty sought after and treasured by scholars, collectors, and everyday users for centuries. Chinese culture also values it highly because of its resemblance to jade.

Benefits of Celadon-Glazed Porcelain Dinnerware 

High-quality porcelain is made from a specific type of clay called kaolin, which requires delicate sculpting and extreme heat, and is considered fine art due to its quality. True porcelain can only be made with kaolina white clay also known as hard paste porcelain.

Porcelain's pure white color, makes it the perfect base for a semi-transparent celadon glaze, which combine to produce smooth, durable, long lasting products with superb quality and pure, beautiful color.

Additionally, for practical everyday use, celadon-glazed surface are no-porous, easy to get and keep clean, durable, elegant, and cheerful.